I still remember my very first pair of goalkeeper gloves

My name is Ben, and I’m founder of Mindful Netminder. I live in Seattle, WA, with my wonderful children, Jack & Glo. I’m a goalkeeper and so is Jack.

I grew up playing youth soccer in Honolulu, Hawaii. I primarily was central defender. I loved the sport and, week in and week out, couldn’t wait for gametime on Saturday mornings.

But, there was a drive within me. A thirst to be a game-changer. I was nervous to tell my dad, who was also my coach. But I summoned up the courage to say the words: I wanted to be a keeper.

Our team already had a good keeper. He told me he needed me at defender.

But, one day, out of nowhere, he gave me a shot. I went in, and, with a pair of gardening gloves, I proceeded to record a clean sheet with several game-saving stops. We won, 1-0.

Ever since, I’ve been hooked.

I went on to play for my high school varsity team, winning team MVP honors my senior year as starting keeper and team captain.

But it was as a high school freshman — I still remember how it felt, the thrill — of getting my first pair of REAL goalkeeper gloves. For the first time, I truly felt I could call myself a keeper.

Those experiences launched me to a lifetime of goalkeeping. As a 42-year-old, I continue to play as a keeper in various men’s leagues, like GSSL. I have benefited from a lifetime of lessons of what it takes to be a successful goalkeeper.

Today, I’m excited to launch the Mindful Netminder’s Junior Line, so that your budding keeper can have the chance to feel the thrill of making the big save. Of learning to be a leader on your team.

As soccer leagues start up once again, you’ll want to make sure your child is well-equipped. And, while a good keeper can make a save with even gardening gloves, surely we can do a bit better than that.

Check out the Mindful Netminder goalkeeper Junior Line today!

Ben Henry
Founder, Mindful Netminder